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Professional, personal service

Being a small team, we can cater to your needs to deliver a personalized, professional, designer service at an affordable price with professional results. We have experience in reducing maintenance loads of most gardens. Whatever you’re looking to achieve just tell us and we can advise accordingly.

The tools we carry are the most modern and up to date equipment, which make our gardeners much more efficient than most, however we still carry the full set of traditional tools.

Our services are available to all commercial and residential clients.

Regular lawn maintenance is crucial in preserving the appeal and uniformity of your property. Plants, trees, grass, and shrubs are constantly growing and require careful attention. A lush, healthy lawn can only be accomplished with special supervision and plenty TLC. A busy property owner usually does not have the time needed to dedicate to creating a stunning landscape. Trusted professionals, like our team at Gardella Gardening Service can work with your schedule to establish regular lawn maintenance service to keep your property in top condition.

Residential Gardening

Garden Maintenance Service

At Gardella Gardening Services in Alameda we create a plan to keep your outside space maintained all year round. Whether its just from mowing and trimming or planting your flower displays for all year round maintenance and upkeep we create a custom plan to your needs and ensure we completed on time throughout the months of the year

Landscaping Services

Landscaping Services

Our skilled team of landscapers help you create the best outside solutions for your use and budget. We use a vast amount of suppliers to get the best materials on the market. Landscaping an area can dramatically transform a dull, empty space. Make areas accessible and usable. Give a great impression.

Our landscaping services also provide help with poor drainage and soil conditions, planting and irrigation. Step by step we create the best innovative ideas and solutions with you.

New Lawn Installation

New Lawn & Plants

Gardella Landscaping Services Helping Alameda and Contra Costa counties to save money, have greener, healthier lawns, with more free time, and protect their landscape investment

Pruning and Trimming


Need a landscaper in Alameda County for professional pruning? We prefer a “Natural look” in pruning. We prune what should be pruned and shear what should be sheared. A well pruned plant looks natural—as if untouched and never pruned



We provide a garden weeding service to customers in Alameda and Contra Costa Counties. Typically a job everyone hates, this is an area which we have found to be one which people typically will happily get someone in to do for them.



Our Lawn Fertilizer Service is an important part of your Lawn Maintenance. With our services, you will see your lawn grow darker green, thicker, more lush and weed free. And that is guaranteed. In order to achieve these resluts, we have tailored a customized Lawn Fertilizing Service to provide exactly what your lawn needs

Garden Drainage

Garden Drainage

We also offer a Domestic Land Drainage Solution for customers. The key to designing and installing a drainage system in a lawn is to remember that the water must be able to travel from the surface to the drain, which is installed under the lawn.

Pavers Installation

Stone & Pavers

Another versatile option for landscaping is paving stones, they quickly transform a garden and with the stones available in different colours and sizes. They can create an outdoor sitting area and connect different parts of your garden, and paved areas basically need no maintenance. We are able to construct all types of paved areas, patios and paths which suit your garden.

Bark Chips Service

Bark Chips

Another great alternative is bark chippings, with a natural appearance, again these require hardly any maintenance and possible top-ups. Usually for decorative purposes, ornamental bark chips can be used, as they ideal for existing borders, newly planted areas and flower beds. Bark chippings can even be used for play areas and playgrounds which do offer a safer surface.

Yard Cleanup

Yard CleanUp

Gardella Landscaping Services is a full service Clean up and Home maintenance Company. We specialize in residential Yard Clean up in Alameda County – Doing residential, exterior Yard clean up and Home maintenance Services.


Gardella Gardening Service provides yard clean up and landscaping services for residential and commercial customers throughout the entire Alameda & Contra Costa Areas. Our yard clean up services includes all the loading, cleanup, pickup and dumping of your unwanted yard waste.

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